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Hand Tooled Full Grain Leather Belts

Welcome to our leather belt homepage. Here you will find links to our various leather belt designs. The handtooled leather belt is truly a dying tradition. The quickness and ease of embossing machines and presses are too great a temptation for most leatherworkers. Our handmade leather belts are built the old fashioned way from one piece of full grain domestic cowhide. Because we handtool belt designs, each belt is a little different. However, as with all our products, we are quite meticulous in our attention to detail, and the end results are fine, finished handmade belts that are built to last. We offer Belts for Children, 1.25 Inch Leather Belts and 1.5 Inch Leather Belts. Or use the links below to browse our leather belt designs. Handmade in the USA

Leather Purses

Leather Child Belt




Tooled Watchbands

Wide Handmade Leather Belts

Tooled Leather Belts

Name Belts

Buckle Wristbands

Handmade 1.5 inch leather belts are ideal for jeans. Click on the picture above to see our 1.5" leather belt designs.

Wide Leather Watch Bands

Leather Name Bracelets

Handmade Leather Belts for Kids

Leather Belts for Kids

1 1/4" Handmade Leather Belts

1 1/2" Wide Leather Belts

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Learn how to make a handmade leather belt

Bling Wristbands

Leather Bling Barrettes


Hard to find top quality handmade leather belts for kids. Click on the picture above to see and order our kid's leather belt designs.

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Hand Tooled Leather Belts


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Handtooled 1.25 inch wide leather belts. These belts work great with jeans, slacks or shorts. We have several hand tooled designs to choose from. Click on the image above to view and order our handmade 1.25" leather belt designs. We offer free personalizing!

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