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The Roamer

$95.00 each

The Roamer is a personal favorite. This leather purse measures about 9 Inches wide at bottom and tapers to about 6 Inches wide at the top. The gusset (side) gives it a depth of about 4 Inches.

Browse through our purse designs and patterns to find your perfect handbag. Nearly any design you see can be done on any purse.


The Roamer Handmade Leatehr Purse Dogwood Flower and Butterfly
The picture above shows a close up of the handtooling on the right corner on the back of the bag.
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Dogwood Flower and Butterflys

Wild Flowers and Butterflies Roamer Handmade Leather Pocketbook
Matching design on the back corner of the purse...our trademark.
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Handmade Leather Handbags

The elegance of simplicity. A simple border design dyed using our "dark" technique.

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