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vintage and retro style handmade leather hair barrettes

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Watch Bands


Large Stick Barrettes

Most of these barrettes are now available on our mobile friendly new look at oldschoolleather.net

Leather Belts

Wide Watch Bands



  Braided Leather Barrette  

Large Leather Stick Barrettes

These barretes measure about 6 inches long by 1.5 inches wide. The stick is a 1/4 inch in diameter and about seven inches long.


Braided Brown Barrette $8.00

  Mystery Braid Barrette   Retro Leather Barrette

Black Braid Barrette $8.00

Antique Dogwood Flower $9.00

Leather Braid Barrette   Large Leather Hair Slides

Tan Mystery Braid $8.00

Antique Flower Chain $9

Tooled Leather Hair Pins Handmade Leather Barrette

Blue Flower Barrette Design $9.00

Daisy Flower Barrette $9.00

Handtooled Leather Hair Pin Big Leather Hair Slide

Hand Tooled Dark Design $9.00

Dogwood Flower Barette $8.00

Handmade Leather Barrette Leather Stick Barrette

Blue Flowers - Bright Metallic Paint $9.00

Purple Flowers - Bright Metallic Paint $9.00

Retro Leather Barrettes

Painted Flower Chain $9.00




Tooled Watchbands


Tooled Leather Belts


Money Clips


Name Belts


Buckle Wristbands


Bling Barrettes


Name Bracelets


Bling Wristbands


Belts for Kids

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Check our shipping rates. Click Here