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Watch Bands

Thanks for your interest in ordering a handmade, Old School Leather Company watchband. It is quick and easy to determine your wrist size.

We want you to give us your Actual Wrist Size

Simply wrap a tape measure around your wrist! Wrap the tape measure so that it is a comfortable fit over the bone in your wrist. Click Here to print a Tape Measure. If you prefer a tighter or looser fit, adjust the tape measure accordingly. We ask that you give us this actual wrist measurement. We will make the necessary calculations to determine the ideal watch band length for you.

If you do not have a tape measure, improvise. Wrap a piece of paper or string around your wrist and then use a ruler to measure the size.

If you are having trouble deciding between two sizes, take into consideration whether you like your watch strap on the loose or tight side. Then, simply round up or down accordingly.

Our leather watchbands are adjustable, but we custom make each strap, so we may as well get your personal watch band as close to perfect as possible! If you are ordering for a friend, DO NOT buy a large size and assume it will fit. You MUST get the size close. Perhaps there is a friend or someone at the office that can lend you their wrist.

Aside from a perfect fit, our watch bands offer another advantage that few other crafters would even consider... or know how to do! Because we custom size your watch band, we can also center the watch face. This means the buckle and watch face will be 180° apart from one another. Finally style, design, and comfort come together.

Wondering if our watch bands will work with your watch? The "average" watch face for our bands has a Pin Width of 19mm (3/4"). The distance between the pins or Pin to Pin Measurement is 1 3/4" (45 mm). If your watch is different, you will have to use the forms provided for special instructions and pay an extra $5.00. The picture below shows how to measure your watch.

Click Here to Print a Tape Measure

The picture above shows an example of a watch face that requires special sizing instructions. In the shown example, the buyer would request a watch band to accomodate 22mm pins with a 2 inch distance between the pins. The distance across the watch face does not factor into sizing; however it is something you should consider when selecting your watch band width. Insert your special instructions in metric or inches... we will do the math.

If you are still having trouble, eMail Us with any questions. We will be happy and quick to reply. Thanks Again!

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