Daisy Flower Handmade Leather Belt | 1.5 "

$ 48.00

Our Daisy Flower wide leather belt is a classic design that has been handtooled and painted for two generations.  This timeless designer leather belt is yet another addition to our Daisy Flower Collection.  All of our handmade leather belts can be personalized free! The hand dye color is Dark Brown and the hand painting is done using acrylic craft paints.

The best way to determine your belt size is to measure your favorite belts.  SImply measure from the "Fold where the buckle attaches to the HOLE YOU USE."  Add 1 Inch and you have your belt "Center Hole" size.


The picture above shows how we determine center hole size from the "fold."  We assume that most traditional belt buckles will add about 1 Inch.  That is how we come up with "center hole" size.  The general rule is "Pant Waist Size + 2 - 4 Inches"  However, it is best to measure an existing belt.  These days, dudes are as bad as girls when it comes to sharing the number off the tag on a pair of Levi's  Also, most of us are wearing our jeans more on the hips than the waist.  If you wear your jeans are at the hips, you need to measure your hip size.  Again, it is best to measure a belt you currently use.

Our belts do not include a buckle.  We offer a Stainless Steel Roller Buckle option for an extra $3.00.  All of our handmade belts snap at the buckle end making it simple to add you own traditional or hook style leather belt buckle as well.  This belt is 1 1/2 Inch Wide (38 mm)  You can use nearly any buckle of the appropriate width with our handmade leather belts.

We offer leather name belt or initials option on all of our cowhide leather belts.  The OPTIONAL FREE PERSONALIZING will be stamped into the back center of the belt.  The Personalizing and Tooled Design will all look best when you are buckled in the "center hole," thus the emphasis on proper sizing.  The picture below shows the font style and size options.

Do not hesitate to Contact Us if you have any questions about Sizing, Buckles, or Personalizing.  This Daisy Flower belt is also available in a more conservative 1.25 Inch option.