Handmade Leather Belts Dogwood Flower Design

$ 48.00

Trends come and trends go. Our hand tooled Dogwood Flower handmade leather belt design has stood the test of time for decades.  While this Dogwood Flower Leather Belt is most popular with women, an occasional man finds it to be "exactly what I have been looking for."  The hand carved .and tooled Dogwood Flower leather design is placed into each belt four times.  The tooling is shown on either side of the buckle in front.  The dogwood flower design is also added on each side of the back center of the lather belt.  Depending on your personalizing request, we will use our expertise to add the back dogwood flowers in the most appropriate location.  The hand dye colors are Dark Brown with the tooling left Natural or Saddle Tan with the tooling filled with black Antique stain.  Learn more about our Hand Dye Colors

Of course, a leather belt is pointless, if it does not fit.  Below is a picture that shows how we size our belts.  MEASURE YOUR FAVORITE BELT FROM "FOLD" TO HOLE YOU USE.  ADD ONE INCH TO INCLUDE BUCKLE AND YOU HAVE YOUR "CENTER HOLE SIZE" 

The general rule is Waist Size + 2 - 4 Inches.... example:  Size 34" Levi's = Size 36 - 38" Belt

Of course, it is much better to measure an existing belt.

We offer FREE PERSONALIZING on all of our handmade leather belts.  If you choose to add your name or initials, the personalizing will be stamped into the back center of the belt.  The personalizing will look best when the leather belt is buckled in the center hole. Scroll down to see the font size options.

PERSONALIZED ITEMS MAY NOT BE RETURNED unless there is a defect in quality or craftsmanship.

If this is your first order with us, we recommend that you do not have the belt personalized.  Once you determine your correct belt size, we encourage you to customize and personalize a handmade leather belt for everyday and every occasion! :)

Our belts DO NOT INCLUDE A BUCKLE.  We offer and recommend a high quality Stainless Steel Roller Buckle option.  We also make it simple for you to use your own traditional or hook style belt buckle.  Our belts "snap" at the buckle end.  Make sure your buckle is the appropriate size (width).  All belts on this page are 1.5 Inch Wide (38 mm wide). 


 Again, the Dogwood Flower leather belts on this page are 1.5" Wide.  The Font sizes are 1/2", 3/4" and 1"  Because all items are handmade, slight variations should be expected.

eMail Us with any questions.  mail@oldschoolleather.com