Horse Design Leather Belts for Children

$ 29.00

Hard to find, top quality full grain cowhide leather belts for children. Our horse design leather belts are equally popular with boys and girls. The coolest thing about these belts is that they are also equally popular with kids and parents. Your child will be proud to own a real leather belt made just for them while you will have the satisfaction of knowing you will not need to buy another belt until your child grows out of this one.

We include a simple D-style buckle in your choice of Nickel (silver) or Antique Brass (brushed gold)  All belts "snap" at the buckle end so it is quick and easy to add and/or change different buckles.  The best way to determine size is to thread a tape measure through your child's favorite pair of jeans.  View our Child Belt Sizing chart as a second best choice for choosing size.

The optional Personalizing is FREE!  Be sure to consider where your child will  be wearing the belt before choosing the personalizing because of "stranger danger"  If you do not have the belt personalized it can be handed down to a younger sibling or a younger generation in the future.  Small 1/2 Inch lettering is most popular. The 3/4" lettering is often used for personalized leather belts with initials or short names.