Pirate Leather Belts for Kids | Jolly Roger

$ 21.00

Pirate leather belts for kids for your little swashbuckler buccaneer. Hand tooled and painted with the Jolly Roger skull and crossbones, this belt is a hit with little pirates. We offer optional FREE PERSONALIZING on our handmade leather belts!  Maybe you would like your child's name or initials stamped into the back center of the belt.  Maybe you want the belt to be personalized with CAPTAIN SPARROW.  We are happy to do either to create the perfect handmade leather belt for you and your child!

The general rule of leather kid belt sizing is "actual waist size + 2 Inches"  The best way to check the size is to measure an existing belt.  Measure "from tip of buckle to hole used to buckle"  This length is the belt size.

Leather Belt Sizing

 Our sizes listed are to the CENTER HOLE. Because these handmade leather belts are designed for growing children,YOU CAN GO UP ONE SIZE TO GET MORE GROWING ROOM. The Design and Optional free lettering will look best when the belt is buckled in the center hole.  All belts snap on the buckle end.  The included leather keeper loop and the buckle can be easily removed or replaced.

Optional Free Personalizng

The personalizing is optional and will be stamped in the back center of the belt.  Small Letters are about 1/2".  Large letters are about 3/4". Because our belts last forever, a belt that does not have a name or initials can be handed down to younger siblings, cousins, or the next generation. Make Old School Leather belts your family tradition.

All of our handmade leather goods begin with veg-tanned full grain cowhides and are built to last a lifetime.  Our handmade leather belts are guaranteed not to split, crack, peel, or break like most of the "Genuine Leather" out there.  Our belts are one piece of cow hide; nothing more or less.  The leather will soften and give a little with use.