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Shop Cat, Hal Posted on 12 May 20:29 , 0 comments

Here at Old School Leather we love our animals! I would like you to meet Hal, the shop cat! He loves to hang around my mom and dad when they work! We found him and his brother, Peanut Butter, in our driveway on Christmas Eve over 2 years ago.. My dad said, "Look Naya. Cats!"  I ran out and expected them to run away, but they were too weak. I picked them up, gave them food and water, and begged my mom and dad to keep them. It was Christmas Eve. How could they say no? Hal and Peanut Butter love their home.. Hal loves the banging of hammers and the hot afternoons In the shop.  He hardly ever comes in the house!


Collections Posted on 2 Nov 20:40 , 0 comments

Some of you may have noticed the "Collections" tab on the website. If you go there, you will see a few different designs popup that Old School Leather makes! If you Click on one of the designs, you will see the tools we use to make the designs, What the tools are called, and all the things we make from that design! We hope to put up videos of the process for each of the designs! Click here to see my favorite Design!

About Us Posted on 28 Aug 19:44 , 1 comment

If you would like to learn more about the story of Old School Leather Co. check out the About Us Page here.  Here you will learn how it all started!  You will hear a sweet story about how my dad made my mom a belt  for her birthday almost 20 years ago and Old School Leather Co. was started.  You might also notice the Zodiac signs of my mom, my dad, and my two brothers.... HEY???  WHERE AM I?!?!  What does a girl have to do to get noticed around here?

You could at least replace the mushroom buckle with my Zodiac Sign.....

Kids Belts Posted on 8 Aug 13:32 , 0 comments

Back to School again! You can now get handmade kids belts!
My favorite design is the horse belt. Even more designs will be up soon. I had all of these designs except for the motorcycle when I was younger.  These days I mainly wear wider belts with flowers. You can get a horse, Motorcycle, or just a plain belt design.  The plain belts come in your choice of black, dark brown, mahogany, and saddle tan!  You can also personalize your belt with initials or name for FREE!  Or you can leave it blank for a little brother or sister or the next generation!  Don't forget to enter PROMO CODE GZSJH44PKFAN at checkout to receive FREE SHIPPING through August 16. Also, Leather Belts qualify for the Sales Tax Holiday in Florida. Florida Residents do not need to pay sales tax on belts through August 16!
Check the Belts out now here.  Click the picture below to see my favorite design.

Hi, My name is Naya Lou Posted on 5 Aug 18:36 , 0 comments

Here at Old School Leather we are very retro... So My parents know nothing about social media. They decided it would be a wise choice to leave the blogging to their tech savvy daughter.  My name is Naya Lou;  I'm eleven years old and will be going into the sixth grade.  My favorite pet is my cat, Tigger.  I love cats, horses, photography, social media, and crafting.. I will try to keep you up to date with some of the activities here at Old School Leather Co... aka My House!