Leather Wristband Sizing Guide

Thank You! for your interest in our handmade leather wristbands. We try to keep our sizing as simple as possible.  We ask for your ACTUAL WRIST SIZE.  Take a comfortable measurement over the bone in your wrist as shown in the picture below.

Actual Wrist Size

DO NOT give us a total length or measure an existing wristband.  DO NOT pull the tape measure too tight or too loose unless that is the fit you prefer.  We ask for your ACTUAL WRIST SIZE... we will do the math to allow for leather thickness, snap overlap, and breathing room.  If you do not have a tape measure, print one here.

Another option is to use a piece of string and then measure with a ruler.

Do not hesitate to eMail Us with any questions or concerns.  Once you know your Actual Wrist Size, you can easily order our handmade leather wristbands in the perfect size.

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