Hand Tooled "Dark" Design Large Leather Barrette

$ 13.00

"Dark" design large leather hair slide with wooden stick.  If you love matching leather accessories, be sure to browse our entire "dark" collection.  We offer a wide variety of handmade leather hair accessories, so be sure to browse our entire collection.  This hand tooled leather design has been created for two generations.

  • This barrette is about 1.5 Inches tall and 5 Inches wide.
  • There is a distance of about 3.5 inches between the wooden stick holes.
  • The birch wood stick is about 5 1/2 Inches long and 1/4 Inch in diameter
  • Proudly handmade in USA

Also available as a small leather barrette or extra large stick barrette depending on your leather hair accessory needs.

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