Peace Sign Hippy Leather French Barrettes

$ 14.00

Peace sign hippy leather French barrettes are stamped and painted by hand.  The lighting in this picture is too bright!  Help Us make this site better by sharing your pictures with us or on facebook.  We will find a way to reward you for your input.  The barrette in Back with the hand painting is actually dark brown.  The painting is done by swirling several acrylic colors to create a groovy tie-dye effect.  The barrette in front is Saddle Tan with the tooling filled black using antique stain.  We hope to update the picture soon... add it to the list. :)  Click the link for more info about our hand dye colors.  Choose the hand dye leather color perfect for you or buy both so you are well prepared to make a fashion statement no matter what the occasion.  These leather barrettes are handmade in USA!  Also, in this case, we are also proud to add that the hardware for these French barrette clips are actually Made in France!

Sizes:  Medium = 80mm Barrette  Approximately 3 1/4 Inches across

            Large = 100mm Barrette  Approximately 4 Inches across