Retro Mushroom Group Leather French Barrette

$ 13.00

Retro mushroom group leather French barrette feature a simple stamped design created using a hand tool that was discontinued decades ago.  Many of our hand tools are antiques.  The hand  dye color is Saddle Tan with the tooling filled black using antique stain.  Click the link for more info about our hand dye colors.  These leather French barrettes are handmade in USA!

Sizes:  Medium = 80mm Barrette  Approximately 3 1/4 Inches across

            Large = 100mm Barrette  Approximately 4 Inches across

These are the sizes of the barrettes,  The leather will hang over a little on each side.  Also, the width of the barrettes will vary slightly depending on the tooled design.