Swarovski Crystal Bling Leather French Barrette

$ 15.00

Pictures on the web provide no justice for our Swarovski crystal bling leather French barrettes. The crystals are inlaid into the leather and glued.  The "cups" we create to inlay the Swarovski crystals are made using an old Sears Craftsman mechanic's punch... dad would be proud.  This leather french barrette is tooled and painted by hand.  We also offer this French hair clip style in your choice of Dark Brown or Saddle Tan hand dye colors.  To further complicate your decision, you can also choose from 11 different crystal colors!  

These leather barrettes are handmade in USA!  Also, in this case, we are also proud to add that the hardware for these French barrettes is actually Made in France!

Sizes:  Medium = 80mm Barrette  Approximately 3 1/4 Inches across

            Large = 100mm Barrette  Approximately 4 Inches across