Two Inch Wide Leather Watch Cuffs Handmade in USA

$ 39.00

This will tell us how wide to make the tabs that will wrap around your watch pins.
This will tell us how far apart to set the tabs that will secure your watch to the band.
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Two inch wide, fatty leather watch bands to make a statement. Snap your watch face in place, strap it around your wrist, and watch the sparks fly.  Custom made to your Actual Wrist Size and watch face. Please view our leather watch band sizing guide before ordering. This "full cuff" style leather watchband overlaps on the underside of the wrist and buckles in the style of a ranger belt. This unique watch band style is very striking. The leather tabs that hold your watch face "snap" open and closed making it quick and easy to attach nearly any spring bar style watch face. The body of these full grain leather bands is 2 Inch wide. The buckle ends are 1 Inch wide.

Hand dye leather colors from light to dark are Saddle Tan, Mahogany, Dark Brown, Black

$39.00 each  Free Shipping to USA.

We DO NOT sell any watch faces. The pictures showing our bands with the watch attached were shared by happy customers on our Facebook page.