Music Notes Leather Bracelets handmade by Old School Leather Co.

$ 20.00

Handmade music notes leather bracelets are adjustable with a buckle. This handmade leather wristband features our signature two-tone hand dye technique. The edges are dark brown and the center is hand dyed tan. The hand stamped design is random music notes perfect for the musician in your life.The hand tooling is accented using black antique stain. Learn more about our process.

Learn how to measure your actual wrist size. This handmade leather wristband style is "die cut."  We use a clicker press to cut this adjustable leather wristband style in two sizes.


Fits an "actual wrist size" of 5 1/4 Inch to 6 3/4 Inch


Fits an "actual wrist size" of 6 1/2 Inch to 7 3/4 Inch

 Click the link to print a tape measure.