Daisy Flower Leather Collection by Old School Leather Co.

Timeless tooled and painted daisy flower handmade leather goods.  Simply created, masterfully finished, this is one of our most popular design with girls and women of all ages.  Occasionally a man comes around that has been looking for a wide daisy flower leather belt for years... my great-uncle still wears his to church.  My parents made it nearly 40 years ago!

The picture above shows the simple hand tools Jami uses to create these tooled and carved handmade daisy flower leather goods.  The Dividers are used to keep the design a consistent size.  The Swivel knife is used to hand carve the flower stems.  The stylus spreads the carved lines.  The Crafttool USA seeders are S352, S647, S630, and S624.  We are not sure where the tool used for the 'tiny daisy" designs came from.  It says "JAPAN 022"  Many tools have been handed down from my parents.  We have also bought many more both new and used.