Dogwood Flowers Designer Leather Collection

Do you love flowers, but prefer to accessorize with natural earth tones rather than bright colors?  Then our Dogwood Flowers designer leather collection may be perfect for you.  This is yet another skilfully carved and tooled design created by Jami.  My mom still tools this design as well.


The picture above shows the simple vintage hand tools used to create our leather goods with Dogwood flowers design.  The CRAFTOOOL USA seeders are S347, S630, and S624.  The Specialty CRAFTOOL USA dogwood flower petals are Y648 and Y649.  The dividers are used to make marks to keep the design a consistent size.  Jami uses the Swivel Knife to hand carve the flower stems.  The stylus is used the expand and define the carved lines.  The only tool we use that requires electricity is our homemade "slicker wheel" that you can see on this page