Two Tone Leather Goods handmade in USA

We create a wide variety of handmade leather goods that are finished in our signature hand dyed two toned styles.  One simple tool that nearly all these leather creations have in common is the groover.

Much more expensive versions are made, but I like the feel of this simple tool for grooving around curves and edges.  The tool actually cuts a thin, even line in the leather.  The grooved line acts as a catchall to separate the hand dyed color in our two tone leather goods.  Some other 2 toned designs like our watch bands and barrettes  feature a simple tooled border design.  In these cases, the hand tooled impressions serve to catch the dye in the color changing process.

All of our handmade leather goods begin with full grain, vegetable tanned saddle leather. This tooling leather has been used for centuries and will last for generations.