Dark Design Wide Leather Wristbands | Two Inch

$ 20.00

Fatty two inch wide leather wristbands tooled by hand and custom made to your wrist size with our vintage "Dark" geometric design. This wide leather wrist cuff is secured using a double row of heavy duty snaps. We have been hand tooling our "dark" design for nearly 20 years. My parents started tooling this leather design on belts nearly 40 years ago! The hand dyed color has evolved over the years. Today, Jami and I use a deep, rich, oil based dye in Mahogany. The simple geometric tooling is highlighted using black "antique" stain.

The wrist is a sensitive area, so it is VERY IMPORTANT to get the sizing correct. When it comes to our handmade leather wristbands, we ask for your ACTUAL WRIST SIZE. Use a tape measure (the kind a seamstress or tailor uses) to make a measurement over the bone in your wrist.

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