Tooled "Dark" Design Leather Belt | 1.5 Inch Wide

$ 53.00

Simple hand tooled geometric design for those that enjoy the elegance of simplicity.  FREE Personalizing is an option on all our handmade leather belts styles. Perfect for jeans, this handmade leather belt measures 1.5" Wide. We will hand tool the geometric pattern the entire length of the belt if you do not want your belt stamped with name or initials.  We should probably charge something, but "free name" is a family tradition since the very beginning.  This retro style handtooled belt design is created by hand using vintage tools.  To see the tools and hear the story, view our "Dark Collection" page.

  • Handmade using 9/10 ounce full grain cowhide
  • Tooled by hand using vintage tools.  Each impression is placed one-at-a-time
  • Proudly handmade in USA
  • Personalizing is FREE but optional.  
  • All belts include a matching leather keeper loop. The loop is reversible and removable.
  • Attach your own Buckle or add one of our high quality buckle options
  • All belts Snap on the buckle end so it is quick and easy to change buckles
  • All of our belts will work with Trophy Buckles of the proper size
  • Please Contact Us with any questions

When it comes to a cowhide leather belt, the most important factor is SIZE!  Most commonly you will hear "waist size" when referring to belt size.  Most people these days wear pants (and therefore belts) more on the hips.  The best way to determine your belt "center hole" size is to measure a favorite belt you currently use.  Measure from "Fold (where buckle attaches) to the HOLE YOU USE")  Add 1 Inch and you have your leather belt size. 


The general rule is "pant waist size + 2 - 4 Inches"  For example, someone that buys a size 36 Levi's would most likely need a size 38, 39 or 40 Inch Old School Leather Belt.  However, if that pair of 36 Jeans will not stay up without a belt, then you are not a true size 36 and may need smaller than 38". If you need to lay on your back and squirm for half an hour before you get into a size 36 pants, you may need larger than a size 40 belt.  More commonly, guys as well as girls lie about jean waist size.  We often receive eMail that says I am size 36 waist, but need size 44 belt.  In this case we need your belt size because only one of the statements is possibly true.

All of our belts include a matching leather keeper loop.  Our top quality traditional belt buckle options are pictured below.  We like the stainless steel roller buckle because it dragging the belt against the buckle. Our belts double snap on the buckle and keeper loop end so it is quick and easy to attach you own traditional or trophy buckle.  You can also reverse or remove the keeper loop.

Belt Buckle Choices

We also offer FREE PERSONALIZING if you would like your handmade leather belt embossed with a name or initials.  The stamped Name or Initials will be in the back center of the handmade leather belt.

 The picture above shows font size options on our 1.5" wide leather belts.  Traditionally we use Medium (3/4") letters most often.  The choice is up to you.

If you have any questions regarding size, style or personalizing options, Contact Us with your request.  Please do not ask us for fashion advice...  the end look and style is up to you.  We can only offer assistance on technical questions.

This hand made leather belt is also available in a more conservative 1.25 Inch width perfect for dress pant and shorts.