Hand Tooled Leather Belts | Knot Design| Personalized FREE!

$ 53.00

Handmade, full grain, vegetable tanned cowhide leather belts with tooled "knot" design are 1.5 Inch wide... a perfect leather belt for jeans.  Look closely and you can see a faint line we score down the center of the leather belt using a pair of dividers.  The line acts as a guide for the hand tooling.  Only one tool is used to create the design (2 if you count the hammer I use to bang it in).  We offer optional FREE PERSONALIZING on all of our handmade leather belts.  The name or initials will be embossed in the back center of the cow hide belt.  Scroll down to see size options.  If you do not want your leather belt personalized, we will hand tool the geometric design the entire length of the cowhide belt.  The hand dye colors are Black and Dark Brown with black "antique" stain.  Learn more about our hand dye colors.

  • Handmade to your size request
  • Personalized FREE! optional
  • Proudly handmade in USA!
  • We cab add a Stainless Steel buckle or you can attach your own buckle
The best way to determine your leather belt "center hole" size is to measure your favorite belt.  Measure from the "Fold to the Hole You Use"  Add 1 Inch, and you have your belt size!  Contact Us if you have any questions.

The general rule for leather belt sizing is "pant waist size + 2 - 4 Inches"  Of course, it is much better to measure an existing belt.  These days most men are as bad as women when it comes to admitting waist size!

All of our handmade cowhide leather belts include a matching leather keeper loop. Because our belts snap on the buckle end, the keeper loop is removable as well as reversible if you like to use a hook style buckle and tuck the tip underneath.  The Stainless Steel Roller Buckle is optional and adds $3 to the leather belt price.  With this buckle, the belt rolls over the buckle instead of dragging.  Roller buckles extend the life of leather belts.  The snaps make it quick and easy to attach your own buckle.

We offer OPTIONAL Free Personalizing on all of our handmade leather belts.  The name or initials will be stamped into the back center of the belt.  We have alphabet sets in three sizes that we simply call small, medium, and large.