Daisy Flower Leather Belt | 1.25"

$ 51.00

Another timeless tooled and carved leather design that has been made for two generations. Notice the leaves and the daisy flower petals are created using the same hand tool. The stems are masterfully hand carved using a "swivel knife"  View the specifics on our Daisy Flower collections page. The leather dye color is dark brown.  The white, green and yellow are painstakingly painted by hand. The Daisy Flower design is added to the belt 4 times. Twice on either side of the buckle in front.  Then twice on either side of the back center. We adjust the spacing in the back based on your waist size and personalizing requests... don't worry... we have made it one or two times over the last 20 years.  Learn more about us

  • This belt is 1.25 (1 1/4) Inch Wide
  • Also available as a 1.5" wide Daisy Flower leather belt
  • Our handmade leather belts include a removable matching leather keeper loop
  • Stainless Steel Roller Buckle is Optional
  • Our handmade leather belts are finished with snaps on the buckle end so it is quick and easy to change belt buckles
  • Proudly Hand Made In USA!
  • Accessorize with other Daisy Flower items

Below is a picture that shows how we size our cowhide leather belts.  MEASURE YOUR FAVORITE BELT FROM "FOLD" TO HOLE YOU USE.  ADD ONE INCH TO INCLUDE BUCKLE AND YOU HAVE OUR "CENTER HOLE SIZE"  eMail us with any questions.

The general rule is Waist Size + 2 - 4 Inches.... example:  Size 34" Levi's = Size 36 - 38" Belt


The hand dye color of this belt is Dark Brown.  The carved and tooled daisy flowers design reflects the natural color of the vegetable tanned full grain cow hide leather. View our Hand Dye Colors

Personalizing is OPTIONAL.  PERSONALIZED ITEMS CANNOT BE RETURNED unless there is a defect in materials or craftsmanship.  If this is your first order with us, we recommend that you do not have your belt personalized.  Once you have found your ideal size, we encourage you to order a handmade leather belt for everyday and every occasion.

Letter sizes are Small (1/2") letters, Medium (3/4") lettering or Large (1") lettering  On this leather belt, the name or initials will reflect the natural color of the full grain veg tanned cowhide.  It is MOST COMMON for us to use the Medium lettering on this belt.  We have letters and numbers so we can personalize with club, pack, organization names etc.  Contact Us with any questions.  mail@oldschoolleather.com