2 Tone Handmade Leather Belt

$ 55.00

Our hand tooled two tone handmade leather belt is one of our time best sellers. Dad started tooling this cowhide leather belt design after my mom "stole" the design from a leather wristband that a friend of mine was wearing. Dad used to airbrush the brown dye on the edges. Today, we use a dauber to apply the Dark Brown and use black antique stain to highlight the hand tooling. The center hand dye color is Saddle Tan. Learn more about our process

The best way to determine your center hole size is to measure an existing belt.  Measure from the "Fold the Hole You Use"  Add 1 Inch and you have our "center hole" size.

The general rule is "Pant Waist Size + 2 - 4 Inches"  However, it is much more accurate to measure an existing belt.  For example, we often get email messages like this:  

"Im a 34 inch waist however i measured my current belt and from the bend at the buckle to the hole i normally use it is 39".

Not sure how that person is squeezing into a size 34 Levi's, but we made him a size 40 Old School Leather belt. (Fold to hole you use + 1") 


BUCKLE IS OPTIONAL.  All of our handmade leather belts include the matching leather keeper loop.  The loop is removable as well as reversible for those of you that like to use a trophy style buckle and tuck the tip of the leather belt underneath. The picture below shows our belt buckle options.

Belt Buckle Options

We offer OPTIONAL FREE PERSONALIZING on all of our handmade leather belts.  The Name or Initials will be stamped into the back center of the full grain cowhide leather belt.  The picture below shows a "batch" of groomsmen belts made in August, 2016. The font size is Medium (3/4") Lettering.  We also offer Small 1/2" Lettering, but the Medium size is much more common. 

Leather Groomsmen Belts 

The picture above shows a batch of two tone leather belts made as groomsmen gifts.